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Fly Fish the Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail

Fly Fish the Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail

Guided fly fishing trips on the Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail.  The Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail features 15 different areas and encompasses 20 streams and rivers in Jackson County, NC.  These streams and rivers range from small mountain streams with wild rainbows, brown and brook trout to bigger Western style streams such as the Tuckasegee River.  Some of these areas are heavily stocked while most have a healthy population of wild stream born trout.

Tuckasegee Float Trip with Hookers Fly Shop

The crown jewel of the Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail would be the Tuckasegee Delayed Harvest.  The DH section is located between the towns of Sylva and Webster, NC.  After just a short, 3 mile drive from our fly shop in Downtown Sylva, you can be on one of the best streams in the Southeast.  Their are two main roads to access this section of water.  You can either turn off of Hwy 107 onto South River Rd.  to reach the upper section or if you are traveling on Hwy 441 you can turn onto North River Rd. to access the lower section.  South River Rd. and North River Rd. meet in the middle so you can access the entire DH stretch from either direction.

Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail

Large Rainbow on the WNC Fly Fishing Trail

The Delayed Harvest section is approximately 5 miles long.  The Tuck, as most local fisherman call it, is also the most heavily stocked of all the Delayed Harvest Streams in North Carolina.  During the months of November, December, March, April, and May the river gets two days of stocking, with close to 10,000 fish being stocked.  The stocking days are almost always the first Tues./Wed. or the first Wed./Thurs of each stocking month.  The best part about this river is you can go out a have a high catch day and stick a few pigs in the 20-25″ range as well.

Beautiful Mull Creek Rainbow



Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail

western north carolina fly fishing trail

There are many other fine fly fishing waters listed on this map including:

   1)     Scott Creek

2)     Moses, Mull, Rough Butt, Chastine, Piney Mountain creeks all tributaries of Caney Fork.

3)     Caney Fork

4)     Tanasee Creek

5)     Panthertown Creek

6)     Raven Fork (Cherokee Trophy Section) *Special permits required to fish this area*

7)     Whitewater River

8)     Scotsman and Fowler Creeks tributaries of Chattooga River

9)     West Fork Tuckasegee River

10)     Tuckasegee River (East Laporte Park to NC 107 Bridge)

11)      Savannah Creek

12)     Tuckasegee River (NC 107 to Dillsboro Park)  Delayed Harvest Section.  DH regulations actually end just     ve the Dillsboro Inn.

13)     Greens Creek

14)     Tuckasegee River (in Dillboro)

15)     Lower Tuckasegee River (Baker’s Creek Bridge to Whittier)  One of our favorites sections to find large trout and large smallmouth bass.

Smallmouth Float Trip on the Lower Tuck

If you need information about any of these rivers and streams call and speak to the guides that fish and guide these areas.  We will be glad to give you up-to-date streams reports and conditions and advise you on what the hot flies are.  Our fly shop is the only shop located in middle of the WNC Fly Fishing Trail.  This allows us the opportunity to fish and guide these areas more than any other outfitter and guide in the area.   If you would like to book a trip with one our friendly, knowledgeable guides please email or call.


Remember to pay close attention to the regulations on many of these areas as they can be very strict.  Some areas are single hook catch and release all year while some areas are have these restrictions for only part of the year.  Also, any hatchery supported stream, not including the Tuckasegee Delayed Harvest will be closed the entire month of March and reopen the first Saturday in April.

western north carolina fly fishing trail


Tuckasegee Float Trip 2019